Monday, October 30, 2006

Enjoy the Ride

In case you haven't noticed from the links on the right, I am a fan of the country band Sugarland. They are coming out with a new album November 7 called "Enjoy the Ride." Right now on CMT, you can listen to the whole album. Check it out!

I am still trying to figure out which song(s) I like the best. The song "Want To" has been released and is one of the top ten country songs being played. Other songs appeal to me, such as "Settlin'," "Everyday America," and "Mean Girls."

In case the voice of the lead singer, Jennifer Nettles, sounds familiar, it's because she sang along with Bon Jovi in their recent hit "Who Says You Can't Go Home." Other Sugarland hits include "Baby Girl," "Something More," "Just Might (Make Me Believe)," and "Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)." You can find the videos for these songs on CMT or at the Sugarland fan page.

No, CMT does not stand for "Count My Teeth!"

Coincidentally, Josh Groban (whose name you should also see on the right) is coming out with a new album on November 7 called "Awake." Now imagine combining the titles of the new Sugarland and Josh Groban albums: "Enjoy the Ride -- Awake!" :lol: