Saturday, August 30, 2008

Debunking the “Troopergate” Myth

Investigations Began Before Palin Became Governor of Alaska

Hat tip: Ace of Spades

I found a helpful timeline from a blog called Flopping Aces. This is clearly a work in progress, but the information puts the whole police investigation in perspective. From the looks of things, Sarah Palin’s ex-brother-in-law, Mike Wooten, was a police officer who was under investigation for domestic violence and misconduct on the job. According to reports, this guy allegedly tasered his own child! The Palins were part of the investigation even before Sarah Palin was elected Governor. She is also fully cooperating with the investigation of the whole incident. The comments to this blog entry seem to clarify and explain things quite a bit.

UPDATE: Badrose has called my attention to this synopsis from BeldarBlog. It got me thinking about a couple of things:

1) What if Palin had done nothing? Wouldn't all the leftists be whining about her inaction against an abusive cop?

2) Note the difficulty in getting rid of such a bad actor and dealing with public employee unions. Now remember that Obama, Warner, Connolly, and Feder all favor forcing "card check" and union thugs on workers everywhere to force unionization on the rest of us. One reason many European economies are so sick is that union rules make it difficult to fire anyone. Here is a glaring example, so Obama, Warner, Connolly, and Feder must think that this is the proper role model for the rest of us.

Joe Biden Opposed the Alaska Pipeline

The 1970s Oil Pipeline, That Is

Hat tip: Powerline

See this interview CNBC's Maria Bartiromo had with Sarah Palin.

Do you think that Obama and Biden are still going to say that the Alaska pipeline was a bad idea and should be shut down and dismantled? Despite all that enviro-whacko screaming about dire environmental consequences, the caribou and other animals in the Arctic environment have flourished.

Let's keep reminding the voters about the Democrats, the party of darkness and shortages.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Counter-Protest Sign

Hat tip: Powerline

Zombietime has some great pictures up of the stinkfest known as "Recreate 68." A few counterprotesters showed up; here is an excellent sign:

I thought you guys at UCV would enjoy this one especially!

So Two Wrongs Make It Right?

Hat tip: My firend Dan

It appears that the Democrat party has suddenly developed a keen sense of morality. John Edwards has been removed from speaking at the Democrat convention for having an extra-marital affair and lying about it.

And . . . in his place, Bill Clinton will be speaking!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Democratic Convention Coffee

News that Will Have You Glazed Over

In honor of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Dunkin Donuts is offering a “Java Joe” coffee special. It is a cup of Joe made of a light Kenyan/Indonesian blend with a mild Indian accent. Price is $20.08 plus 70% tax. This concoction is easiest to swallow if it is creamed heavily.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Barack Obama Selects Joe Biden as Running Mate

Hat tip: Virginia Virtucon

Anyone have a “slight Indian accent?” So why were former Senator George Allen’s words so offensive, but Biden’s were not? Somehow I think our friends on the left will let this one go quite easily.

I am not defending either person here. What George Allen and Joe Biden said were both pretty immature, the former out of anger or frustration, and the latter as an attempt to be smarter than everyone else. However, I really don’t look upon either one as a racist. All I sometimes wonder is what standard people (especially those on the left) use before making their accusations.

By the way, isn’t “Obamacaca” one of the 57 States cited by Barack Obama?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Endorses Slave Labor in Virginia

Highlights Kaine’s Lack of Transportation Plan

Hat tip: Hot Air

Former Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Jr. told a real whopper in Virginia:

Everybody’s watching what’s going on in Beijing right now with the Olympics. Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are vastly the superior to us now, which means if you are a corporation deciding where to do business you’re starting to think, “Beijing looks like a pretty good option.”

Where do we begin? Let’s see, how about the fact that China has a reputation for using slave labor? I must say, this remark is, er, ironic given that Obama said this in antebellum plantation country!

And this coming from the same Barack Obama who decried foreign competition not too long before in other areas of Virginia. Oh, well, that, too, was ancient history.

Where does China get the energy to run all that fabulous infrastructure? If you are an Obamamoron, maybe you think it all comes from the plug!

Even more interestingly, as Q and O points out, a lot of what you see on the Olympics is just a bit of a fa├žade. China still has a lot of people using bicycles. Then again, Chinese are making and buying lots of cars, which I thought the leftists opposed (except for themselves). The leftists also seem not to be able to assign responsibility for the resulting increase in fuel prices to demand in places like China; they would rather blame ExxonMobil.

If things are so great with the Chinese, maybe Obama would like to eat some fried cicadas and other delicacies. By the time we are all done with his tax hikes, that’s all the rest of us will be able to afford to eat!

Hey, as Lincoln Steffens (1866 – 1936) said, “I have seen the future, and it works.” That fits just right for someone like Obama who associates with unrepentant leftists. All the wrong history repeats itself with this guy, don’t you think?

Even more interestingly, Obama has to talk about transportation in front of Timmy! Kaine. Um, isn’t that the same Tim Kaine who has shown absolutely no leadership on the issue of transportation?

California: Hybrid and Electric Cars are Too Quiet

Hat tip: Autobloggreen

Now Ah-nuld gets to decide, and Maryland is studying the issue as well. Peas in a pod?

Electric cars and gas-electric hybrids are so quiet that they present a safety hazard for the visually-impaired. In response, the California legislature has passed a law requiring a minimum noise level. Cars have come a long way, haven’t they?

Is this a case of lawmakers run amok? Or is this the result of technology that various governments have pushed for really hard without considering all the drawbacks?

Once again, the superiority of the diesel engine is demonstrated, right? ;)

Interesting Death Notice in the New York Times

Richard III.

For those of you who think this is obscure history, well, you aren't altogether wrong. Richard III was King of England from 1483 to 1485. He may be best known (and even that's a stretch) to modern audiences through the Shakespeare tragedy in which Richard is the title character. He is one of Shakespeare's best villains. Interestingly enough, the play is one of those closest to Shakespeare's own time and contains a higher amount of factual basis than most of the others. Of course, William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) worked for Elizabeth I (who ruled from 1558 - 1603), the granddaughter of the King who defeated Richard III in battle.

Historically speaking, Richard III was the youngest brother of King Edward IV, who died in 1483. Edward IV's oldest son, Edward V (who was a child at the time), was supposed to be crowned King of England, but then the younger Edward and his siblings were declared illegitimate on their uncle Richard's orders. Edward V and his younger brother (also named Richard) mysteriously disappeared in the Tower of London, and Richard III was crowned King of England. The bodies of Edward V and his brother were found almost 200 years later during a 17th century Tower renovation project.

Richard III is best known for establishing bail for criminals during his brief reign. Also, during that time, Richard's wife, as well as his son and heir, died. In 1485, forces allied with Welshman Henry Tudor (who had a tenuous claim to the British throne) invaded England, and these forces met with Richard's at Bosworth field. On August 22, 1485, Richard was killed in that battle, and Henry Tudor was crowned Henry VII. This battle also marked the last major conflict of the "Wars of the Roses" (though fighting continued for some years thereafter). According to Shakespeare, Richard III uttered the famous words, "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" before being killed in battle. Henry VII married Elizabeth, the sister of the two boys who disappeared in the Tower, and ruled until his death in 1509. (Elizabeth I, Shakespeare’s patron, was granddaughter of Henry VII. Her successor, James I, was great-grandson of Henry VII.)

Given how long the "Princes in the Tower" (as Edward V and his brother Richard are known) were dead before they were discovered, it is impossible to tell how old they were when they were murdered. A difference of two years in age would make a huge difference as to who was responsible for ordering their deaths. Circumstantial evidence points to Richard III; however, Henry VII would have had no interest in having them alive, either. The Richard III Society, who places the In Memoriam notices in the New York Times every year, believes Richard III was framed by history (and alas, history is often written by the victor). Author and historian Allison Weir sifts through historical evidence and places the blame squarely on Richard III. In any case, it is a real murder mystery, one of the few actual ones in a Shakespeare play.

Shakespeare blames a lot of deaths (probably more than historically accurate) on Richard III. He also implied that Richard had an unhealthy interest in his niece Elizabeth (the sister of the Princes in the Tower, who was about 14 at the time). The main gist of the play, besides the historical debate, concerns a man who is so power-hungry that he murders most of his enemies, and then turns on his friends as they become disgusted with him. Finally, with few friends left and a whole host of enemies, he himself falls and justice is served.

I have often compared the Clintons with Richard III. Bill and Hillary Clinton are people who are a bit mad for power and turn on their political enemies rather viciously (though I am not blaming the Clintons for anyone’s death). It is apparent that even Democrats have become disgusted with the antics of Bill and Hillary and have mostly abandoned the formerly President and First Lady. Perhaps the early primaries did turn into the Clintons’ “winter of discontent” (to paraphrase Shakespeare). Imagine what would happen if Hillary did try to wrest the Democratic nomination from Barack Obama!

Several stage productions of Richard III have been filmed. In addition, Al Pacino starred in a film called “Looking for Richard” about making a production of Richard III. I recommend this film as Pacino does a good job of portraying a villainous character.

So you can commemorate this day however you want, if at all. I always put a message on my office voice mail about the Battle of Bosworth whether or not I am in. (Please don’t tell my boss.) This is an interesting topic of study with or without all of Shakespeare’s embellishment.

“Barack Obama and Tony Rezko Both Grew Up in Muslim Countries”

How Does That Sound?

The Democratic National Committee created a shameful ad that kept trying to tie Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) to Jack Abramoff and made repeated mention of Cantor’s religion. So I was thinking, let’s turn the tables and do this to Obama. What could we get?

“Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses? Barack Obama and convicted felon Tony Rezko both grew up in Muslim countries. . . "

We can make other variations:

“Barack Obama and hate-monger Louis Farrakhan both are black.”

“Barack Obama and indicted Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick both are black.”

“Barack Obama and radical William Ayers both support terrorists.”

The Democrats screamed bloody murder about the “Willie Horton” ad in 1988 (in which Republicans accused Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis of releasing violent criminals on furloughs too readily. Ironically, Al Gore was the first to make an issue of Willie Horton, who happened to be black.) It’s funny how the racial identity politics of the Democrats is starting to bite them back. Somehow they see nothing wrong now with going after Jews, but hey, what have the Jews done for the Democrats recently?

More to the point, the Democrats do not have any kind of sensible policies when it comes to taxes, energy, or national security. So they have to create this side show on race to distract attention. The past century is full of tragic examples of what happens when politicians harness racial animosity to gain or retain power. Really, I didn’t think the Democrats would get this bad, but maybe these kinds of actions are the logical result of these kinds of strategies. (Note that the Democrats are now even attacking former Soviet Jewish dissident Natan Sharansky.)

I would like to thank my fellow conservative bloggers, such as Mason Conservative, Right-Wing Liberal, The Write Side of my Brain, Shaun Kenney, and Virginia Virtucon, and many others. Note to I’m Surrounded by Idiots: The Obama campaign isn’t totally surrounded by Jew-haters. Some of the Obama campaign’s advisors appear to be self-hating Jews.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Raisin' McCain Video

From John Rich.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Caputo Explains Absence from Special Session on Transportation

Testing “Environmentally Acceptable Altenatives”

Hat tips: Too Conservative, Scott’s Morning Brew, Powerline

Fairfax Delegate Carmine “Chuck” Caputo (D-67) finally gave his constituents an explanation as to why he missed the General Assembly Special Session that had been called to deal with transportation. According to Caputo, he was on a site visit to examine the feasibility of biodiesel-based river transport at the invitation of former Vice President Al Gore. Caputo helpfully provided a picture of the vessel and says he plans to "float" this idea in the next General Assembly session.

“With this ship we can move hundreds, if not dozens of people monthly,” said Caputo. “It will take care of the need for outer crossings or burdening my constituents with additional lane miles of roads. Since Governor Kaine clearly has no interest in building new roads for Northern Virginia, I thought that Al Gore’s boat would be the logical alternative.”

Caputo heaped praise on Gore and the eponymously-named “BS-1.” “The BS-1 is even equipped with a jet ski that can take commuters on smaller bodies of water. With proper planning, I am confident that we can test it on Little Rocky Run. I am also confident that we can cut a few minutes off the carbon emissions from those pesky little Smart cars.”

Al Gore was a gracious host. “He gave me a few carbon credits for my birthday,” said Caputo. “I think he will also put in a good word for me with Ted Kennedy so I can research his environmentally-conscious marine transportation technology as well."

Kaine and Jindal Debated on "Meet the Press"

Transcript can be found here.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) debated on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this past Sunday, August 17, 2008. Moderator David Gregory asked each of them a series of questions about the likely Democratic and Republican nominees, Sens. Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain, respectively. The Kaine/Jindal debate starts about 16 minutes into the program.

While both were clearly articulate spokemen for their respective party’s causes, Gov. Jindal clearly landed some damaging blows to Obama’s tax plan when he pointed out how Obama would raise taxes on people who make at least $42,000 per year. Kaine also made a fool of himself when he said that McCain was “the last remaining cheerleader” of our victorious efforts in Iraq. I guess Tim Kaine doesn’t respect the troops that much, which is odd given the number of military personnel and contractors who live and work in Virginia. Kaine did come out in support of abstinence education programs, which I am not sure is consistent with his previous positions on the subject.

Overall, it was a good discussion, though it seemed to me that Kaine got more speaking and response time than Jindal did. Maybe someone has timed the program and can give an accurate figure. According to my word count, Kaine had 1,438 words (minus the hellos, goodbyes, and a mumble or two), while Jindal had 1,002 words.

UPDATE: I decided to delete the previous post based on my glaring error. Title is now changed to Kaine, rather than Obama and Jindal. Here I thought I was too young for senior moments (or this is what I get for posting late at night when children are creating distractions)! If Obama does win this year, we may very well have Obama/Jindal debates in 2012.

I apologize to all my readers for this mistake. Thanks, Vivian!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top Five in Demand Majors

I saw this Yahoo new item that listed the top five majors currently in demand:

1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Accounting
3. Finance
4. Business Administration
5. Civil Engineering

Starting salaries for mechanical engineers average $57,821. Actually, I am surprised the chemical and/or petroleum engineers are not on that list.

Some interesting patterns emerge about that list. Most importantly, each one requires quite a bit of mathematical aptitude. From what I have observed, graduating from engineering, accounting, or business school is rather difficult for those who cannot do the math. (The good news for those without math skills is that they can always land a job at the New York Times.)

The other big point that I get is that all these fields require quite a bit of multidisciplinary cooperation. For example, mechanical engineers often work with chemical, electrical, automotive, and other kinds of engineers. They often perform cost estimates as well. Accountants and business administrators usually work with people of many different backgrounds to understand where the money goes and why. Civil engineers often work with architects. The examples are endless.

The most successful people in any major, of course, have good communications skills, people skills, and acquire a variety of talents. However, basic grounding in things like math skills gives us abilities that last a lifetime. We hear a lot these days, for example, about an employee in a home improvement store who needs a calculator to be able to multiply by ten. How do people like that get out of high school? I become more and more convinced that drilling the basics into students is more cost-effective than allowing use of expensive or even inexpensive electronic “toys” (like calculators or computers).

When I was in high school I had this chemistry teacher, Mr. Perlmutter, who was one of those guys who didn’t allow use of calculators during the first quarter of the year. We had to use slide rules or be able to calculate things by hand (as well as learn significant figures and scientific notation). He was tough, but let me tell you, everyone learned! After getting an education from a guy like that, you certainly understand what numbers are supposed to mean.

Then again, maybe I am getting to be a crusty curmudgeon in my old age . . .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

BBC Makes Secret Video of Russians Still in Georgia

See embedded video at Powerline

Vladimir Bonaparte is still digging in! Somehow our leftist friends will still insist on blaming America first.

Friday, August 15, 2008

While We're Reminiscing About 1970s Ads . . .

My wife thought I was making this up until I found it on YouTube!

Something for Riley to use on his Friday video posts.

New Obama Ad!

Or a parody of one, anyway. Yes, it's "The New Seekers" on this early-1970s video with ABBA and the Coca-Cola ad thrown in.

I think the McCain campaign can have fun with this. After all, Obama once thought that coke was the real thing, too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Russia Declares War on . . . Itself?

Putin Power Punting Prosperity

I’ve seen a couple of good editorials in the Wall Street Journal this week with back stories about Russia in the wake of its military action against the Republic of Georgia. In addition to Bonapartist ventures beyond its borders, the Russian government has been harassing domestic businesses again. Check out this editorial from the August 11 Wall Street Journal:

The story revolves around Russian coal and steel company Mechel, which is publicly listed on the New York Stock exchange. On Friday the firm said it was going to postpone a preferred share placement in the wake of a battering its shares took from the volatile Mr. Putin.

Late last month, Mr. Putin accused the company of price gouging and tax evasion and warned of investigations to follow. He also got personal after Mechel CEO Igor Zyuzin failed to show up to a meeting the prime minister was holding with business leaders. "The director has been invited, and he suddenly became ill," said Mr. Putin, according to the Moscow Times. "I think he should get well as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will have to send him a doctor and clean up all the problems." Mr. Zyuzin had been hospitalized a day earlier with heart problems.

Coming from Mr. Putin, such talk is nothing short of terrifying: Consider the fate of former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, now in jail in Siberia while Yukos's assets were gobbled up by state-owned oil company Rosneft. Investors swiftly took note: Mechel's stock dropped by more than 33% in a day, while the Russian exchange fell by 9%.

Interestingly, exchange-traded funds related to Russia have plunged since the beginning of June. The Market Vectors Russia ETF Trust (NYSE: RSX) fund is down close to 30% since that time, with some deep declines in the past week or so. Harassment of the free market is never a good thing in any country!

The Journal’s Holman Jenkins also chronicles Russia’s (and particularly Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s) mad drive to control energy supplies.

Western governments and Western oil executives have played an unwise role in Mr. Putin's plan. No amount of contract abrogation, outright seizure of property or subsidiary mayhem by Russian authorities seems able to dissuade them from throwing good money after bad in pursuit of Russian resources. Western minority shareholders in Yukos were wiped out with nary a peep when the Russian government seized the oil company on tax charges. There's been virtually no official pushback as environmental offenses were alleged as a reason to squeeze Western partners out of various drilling and pipeline projects after billions of dollars were committed.

Indeed, with what breezy confidence Mr. Putin must have turned Western oil companies into his political punching bags, knowing that back home Western politicians (Nancy Pelosi, Byron Dorgan, Dick Durbin, etc.) were doing exactly the same in pursuit of their own narrow and shortsighted political quests.

Jenkins makes some devastating statements about the consequences of not standing up to this state-sponsored bullying as well as the vapid view on energy of Congressional Democrats (and their 2008 presumptive Presidential nominee).

There is a certain irony in the similarity of the Democrats’ and Putin’s worldview. In each case, government control and power grabs seem to be motivating factors. Both have strong opposition to assertiveness on behalf of freedom and free markets. And both are, in the end, quite destructive with their policies.

I am glad to read that President Bush is starting to take more assertive action against the Russians. From everything we have seen, John McCain understands this whole situation inside and out, while Barack Obama is still trying to figure out if the Florida, South Carolina, or Tennessee National Guards would be the most appropriate to send. The initial reaction of many Democrats, to engage in blame, or even open sympathy to the Russians, is very telling. Reminds me of another decade, say, 30 years ago.

Separated at Birth

Hat Tip: My friend Dan

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama Impresses Russians with Kaine’s Eyebrows

“From Bush to Bushy”

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today acknowledged that Russia had complied with former Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama Jr. Soetoro’s request that Russia cease military operations against the Republic of Georgia. “We were not going to listen to this Obama,” said Medvedev. But then just like this we see Tim Kaine with those Brezhnev eyebrows, and we knew that Obama meant business. They understand that what is ours is ours, and what is theirs is negotiable.”

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s increased prospects as a potential Vice Presidential candidate certainly has raised eyebrows, so to speak. Rumor has it that one reason the Russians agreed to listen to Obama is that Kaine secretly promised Virginia road money to Russia. “Kaine is still working on a transportation plan despite the failure of the recent special session,” said a source that refused to be identified. “He is very sure that State Senate Democrats will agree to send Virginia tax dollars to Russia for their roads so Democrats will have another excuse to propose tax hikes.”

The McCain campaign was quick to respond to Kaine’s sudden prominence. “If the Obama campaign thinks that this is real foreign policy, they had better ‘trim’ their expectations,” said a statement from the campaign. “Clearly, it is all style over substance with a bunch of ‘hair’-brained schemes. Obama and Kaine would be truly lost if they were in the 'thick' of it.”

The Obama campaign dismissed Republican criticism. “Anyone could have predicted the arched lines of their ‘lowbrow’ expectations,” said the Obama campaign. “Kaine brings a message of ‘raised’ hope a lot more than anyone could have foreseen. On foreign policy, we Democrats have a 'ridge' that is 'supraorbital.' This country is going from Bush to bushy!”

Sunday, August 10, 2008

John Edwards Files Lawsuit against OB/GYN

Former Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards today filed a lawsuit against the doctor who delivered Rielle Hunter’s baby girl. Hunter, who was hired to perform some Internet-related consulting for the Edwards campaign, had an affair with the former Senator, according to the Edwards’ admission.

In the lawsuit, Edwards charges the physicians with gross negligence in allowing Hunter to deliver a healthy baby. “I could feel in every follicle of my finely blow-dried hair that this baby did not want to create a scandal,” said Edwards in a written statement. “In fact, I could channel the baby’s thoughts for months. What kind of doctor would permit such a tragedy to persist under these circumstances?” Edwards is asking for $50 million dollars, plus an undisclosed amount that is believed to be equal to payments to Hunter.

Edwards would not give an interview about this lawsuit. However, a supporter of Edwards, who would only give his name as “Bubby,” said that “We all know how Rielle was passed around more than conspiracy theories at a nut, er, netroot convention. This is why Democrats stand for more government involvement in health care. It is all the fault of Bush’s policies to allow these doctors to act in an unrestricted manner.

“Heck, Hillary had her husband Bill on her side. What else did you expect John Edwards to do? Besides, John knew that Elizabeth would be OK with it. After all, he channeled her thoughts also.”

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

Mark Warner: Too Extreme Even by George McGovern’s Standards

McGovern Opposes Obama/Warner/Connolly Forced Unionization

Hat tip: Ace of Spades blog

I blogged recently about how Democratic Senate candidate Mark Warner came out in support of the deceptively-named “Employee Free Choice Act” (EFCA). The main reasons Democrats and unions want this law is that it has a feature called “card check” by which union thugs can intimidate workers into signing a petition advocating for union organization rather than having a secret-ballot election. Unions would then use the extra dues money to give (directly or indirectly) to their Democrat friends.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, former Democratic Senator and 1972 Presidential nominee George McGovern came out in opposition of this bill (which has passed the House of Representatives). In a piece titled, “My Party Should Respect Secret Union Ballots,” he said, in part:

The key provision of EFCA is a change in the mechanism by which unions are formed and recognized. Instead of a private election with a secret ballot overseen by an impartial federal board, union organizers would simply need to gather signatures from more than 50% of the employees in a workplace or bargaining unit, a system known as "card-check." There are many documented cases where workers have been pressured, harassed, tricked and intimidated into signing cards that have led to mandatory payment of dues.

Under EFCA, workers could lose the freedom to express their will in private, the right to make a decision without anyone peering over their shoulder, free from fear of reprisal.

Now you know why I tend to use the term “left-wing” rather than “liberal” to describe our friends in the Democratic Party. Given how they are losing in the marketplace of ideas over the long term, the only way they can keep any semblance of power is via intimidation.

By the way, the Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, Gerry Connolly, also supports this legislation, and Senator Jim Webb has co-sponsored it in the U.S. Senate. It’s nice to know that Mark Warner, Gerry Connolly, and Jim Webb are more out of the mainstream than George McGovern. Warner claims to be a "radical moderate?" I find that Astounding!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Saudis Slam Israeli Nissan Ad

Can’t Take What They Dish Out

Hat tip: Autobloggreen

Nissan Motor Corporation is actually facing a boycott by Arab Gulf states after an Israeli ad depicted a Saudi oil sheikh going crazy over the sight of the new Nissan Tilda. In the ad, the sheikh pounds the car and says things like "Hawks should peck at you day and night."

Isn’t this pretty funny coming from the people who fund madrassas that teach budding young terrorists that Jews (and other non-Muslims) are pigs and monkeys? Maybe these clowns should try to cram their posteriors into one of these vehicles. While they are at it, they can work on obeying traffic laws, also. Hey, not everyone has access to the big, powerful Benzes and BMWs!

It is not known yet whether or not the Obama campaign is working on a scolding response.


Every time I see the word "astounding," I think of this old Borscht Belt joke:

These two women were having lunch. The first one was bragging about her great house, her husband's great job and career, etc. The second woman responded with, "Astounding!"

The first woman talked about her wonderful vacations. The second woman said, "That's astounding!"

The first woman talked about her smart, successful, good-looking children. The second woman responded replied with, "Astounding!"

Well, you get the idea. Finally, the first woman said to the second, "But enough about me. What have you been doing?"

The second woman said, "I've been going to charm school."

The first woman asked, "Really? Charm school? What do they teach you in charm school?"

The second woman replied, "They teach you to say 'Astounding' instead of 'Bullshit!'"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I say all this because I have been reading about how Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sent to jail today for violating pre-trial travel restrictions. Back in May 2007, Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. said glowingly that fellow Democrat Kilpatrick "is going to be doing astounding things for many years to come."

Astounding, indeed. Obama is rapidly rising in that "astounding" level himself, possibly in more ways than one.

Hat tip to Powerline for the Obama quote. (There is a video in their post also.)

Why George Clooney Is Holding an Obama Fundraiser in Switzerland

According to recent news reports, actor George Clooney is set to host a fundraiser for likely Democratic candidate Barack Hussein, Obama, Jr. in Geneva, Switzerland. The fundraiser will feature a $1,000 per person reception followed by a $10,000 per plate dinner.

My theory for why this event will be in Switzerland? So Marc Rich and Roman Polanski can attend!

Song Dedication to the Speaker

We've all had a lot of fun at the expense of Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her adjournment of the House of Representatives. As we remember, she adjourned the House without allowing a vote on drilling and then had the lights shut off. She then went on a book tour, and ironically, the title of her book is Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters.

In honor of the speaker, I just wanted to dedicate this song to her. The last line is perfect:

You got the power to turn on the light.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gaza, Georgia, What’s the Difference?

Terrorists for Obama

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has received some interesting paperwork concerning contributions to the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. It turns out that contributions form the Rafah refugee “camp” in Gaza were marked with the State abbreviation “GA” to make them look like they came from Georgia. A one day set of contributions on October 30, 2007 totals more than $7,000. Isn’t that more than American citizens are allowed to donate?

This makes me wonder if more foreign contributions are being funneled “Clinton style” through immigrant communities in the U.S.

More suspicious contribution information here and here. Note that contributions are not in even dollar amounts. Foreign currency conversion, maybe?

Friday, August 01, 2008

House Democrats Implement New Energy Plan

Shut off the Lights on the Republicans

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) today put on display what she expects to be a modern energy plan for the country. As Republicans demanded debate and a vote on an energy plan that would open new domestic resources to exploration and drilling, the Democratic leadership adjourned Congress and shut off the lights.

“We are setting a good example with this sort of conservation,” said Speaker Pelosi. “We can cut the power bill in the House, and probably in the Senate also by shutting the lights and sound off every time the Republicans want to speak. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is interested in doing the same thing to the Republicans and to Joe Lieberman (I-CT).”

When asked how she got the idea, Pelosi responded, “It’s quite simple. Many of my constituents in the San Francisco Bay area universities often keep those with a conservative point of view from speaking. Professors at San Francisco State and Cal-Berkeley were very helpful in designing this ingenious energy-saving plan. Besides, former Vice President Al Gore has promised us all kinds of carbon credits. Now I can take my grandchildren on more rides in the limos and airplanes. See, I told everyone I wanted to save the planet!”

Pelosi is looking at other energy-saving ideas. “Maybe I will cut off the electricity and phones in the Republicans’ offices,” she said.