Monday, March 24, 2008

Bosnia Amnesia

Not "Seared" in Her Memory!

Via Drudge

Check out this video. What is interesting is, not only the typical Clinton lie and lame spin machine, but watching who performs for the troops. Yes, Miss Peace Activist herself, Sheryl Crow. No protests against American military action back when Bill Clinton was sending troops into Bosnia, were there? Just nice, mellow support. But hey, say no to war unless a Democrat is President!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chag Purim Sameach

Tonight marks the Jewish holiday of Purim, in which we remember Queen Esther, her uncle Mordechai, and their work to save the Jewish community of Shushan, Persia from destruction by the evil Haman. I've always wondered if the Islamofascist regime in Iran would fall on this holiday some year. Haman and Khamenei, sound close enough, right?

On a personal note, it is also my grandfather's birthday. He is turning 105, so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish him Yom Huledet Sameach. Here's a picture of him taken a couple of years ago.

Obama Damn-A-Rama

Just about everything that can be said about Sen. Barack Obama and his (now retired?) preacher/spiritual advisor seems to have been said. Maybe the good Senator is learning how “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up!” In this case, Obama first tried to pretend this problem existed, then denied ever hearing any of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s offensive sermons, then had to admit that he did. And he was a member of this church for over 17 years and didn’t know? Okaaaaaaaaay!

A few interesting things do come to my mind:

1) Rev. Wright sure had an interesting way of expressing his anger at America. At the same time, this particular congregation has been very successful, with thousands of members, correct? Now if the United States were so oppressive, would this church be so successful and be able to carry on all the charitable programs to which Wright and Obama have both alluded?
2) Wright’s views on the Middle East are very telling. Despite Obama’s protestations, the mindset of Jeremiah Wright is clearly evident in Obama’s foreign policy team. Senator Obama has clearly surrounded himself with people who do not value our allies (such as Israel) and would undo the economic growth that has come about via free trade deals on this side of the world. It really is no wonder that Obama had Wright on his campaign team at the beginning. Obama’s belated distancing at this point doesn’t pass the smell test.
3) Think back to the civil rights movement, and particularly to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Now we know from his famous words that he sought justice through a more color-blind society, and his vision was much more harmonious. Now Barack Obama kept making excuses for Jeremiah Wright, saying that his angry words were a result of past discrimination. Well, Martin Luther King experienced lots of discrimination, and I’m sure it was at least as bad as what Wright has experienced. Now I looked up the famous “I Have a Dream” speech of August 28, 1963, and the conclusion is quite relevant here:

“Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring - when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children - black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics - will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Real faith brings hope and optimism, not feelings of hatred and victimization.

See? I could have saved Obama more than $20,000 that he spent on this church (and a lot of embarrassment) with my free advice!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Breakfast for Eliot

I hope it's not too late to revel in someone's misfortune here!

Tune: Breakfast in America
Apologies to Supertramp

Take a look at my girlfriend,
Not the only one I got
Not much of a girlfriend,
But she charges quite a lot

Take Acela through New Jersey
Like to see my hotel suite
See the girls in the Mayflower
I’m hopin’ my cash will come through
But there’s not a lot I can do.

Could I have Ashley for breakfast,
Banker dear, banker dear,
I want to have her on Wall Street,
Where everyone’s a billionaire

I’m a winner, I’m a sinner
Do you want my photograph?
I’m a loser, what a joker

I’m playin’ my jokes upon you,
Until I found that I’m through
Papararam pano daram no no no
Papararam pano daram no no no
Nya nya nya nyanya nya nya nya

Don’t you look at my girlfriend
I’m her only “Emperor,”
Not much of a girlfriend,
But that is what hush money’s for

Tried to builda life with Silda
She was not adventurous,
See the girls in California
I’m hoping it’s going to come true,
When all of my jail time’s through

Papararam pano daram no no no
Papararam pano daram no no no
Hey aham
Hey aham
Hey aham
Hey aham
Hey aham
Hey aham
Hey aham
Hey aham

Nya nya nya nyanya nya nya nya

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Republicans for Obama?

Crossovers We All Have to Bear

I saw an interesting article today on National Review Online about Republicans who have been voting in Democratic primaries. The article said that, based on exit polling, most self-described Republicans were voting for Senator Barack Obama. Here is a quote concerning Virginia’s February 12, 2008 primary:

Virginia’s open primary on February 12 was the next test. There Republicans made up 7 percent of Democratic primary voters, and they overwhelmingly favored Obama, 72 percent to 23 percent. The 22 percent of voters who were independents weren’t far behind, at 69 percent for Obama and 30 percent for Clinton. Virginia Democrats were a bit less enthusiastic, at 62 percent to 38 percent. But the strongest Obama vote came from the 12 percent who called themselves conservatives, a group drawing members from all three party categories. They voted 73 percent to 24 percent for Obama.

In Texas, despite the exhortations of Rush Limbaugh, most Republicans who voted in the Democratic primary still went for Obama, though not by as great a margin as in other States.

Interestingly, there was this article last week in the Washington Times about how Obama was more likely to drive Democrats to vote for John McCain in the general election.

And contrary to conventional wisdom, numbers emerging from polls and primary results show that Sen. John McCain — who has alienated conservatives as he courts independents and moderate Democrats — holds an advantage over Sen. Barack Obama in the race for crossover votes.

There are now more McCainocrats than Obamacans — about 14 percent of Democrats say they would vote for Mr. McCain today instead of Mr. Obama, but just 8 percent of Republicans say they would vote for the Illinois Democrat, according to a Pew Research Center survey on Feb. 28.

Additionally, 20 percent of white Democratic voters say they would defect to Mr. McCain if Mr. Obama is the Democratic Party's nominee — twice the number who would cross over if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the nomination, Pew found.

This raises interesting questions: Are those Republicans crossing over in the Dem primaries voting for Obama because they are anti-war, or because they perceive Obama to be the weakest Democrat? Many of the antiwar Republicans were voting for Ron Paul, but maybe some viewed Paul as an unviable candidate and placed their votes where they thought they would do the most good. Then again, Obama has been classified as the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, so you wonder if he is a lot weaker than he is currently perceived.

Now Senator Clinton may not lose as many crossover votes to McCain, or so the polls say. However, given the state of the Democratic primary race, if Clinton manages to “steal” the nomination from Obama (based on getting a lot of Superdelegates, or getting pledged Obama delegates to abandon him), this could tick off a lot of the base, and especially black voters. Some may get sick and tired of being taken for granted and vote for McCain. The crossover potential should Clinton win the Democratic nomination (and especially if Obama is not her running mate) may be understated in the polls.

Now I realize the “crossover” analysis has been grossly simplified here. However, readers are welcome to share other dynamics here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interesting Juxtaposition

Courtesy of Drudge Report

These headlines were very close to each other:

Spitzer Used Hookers for Six Years

STUDY: At least 1 in 4 American teen girls has sex transmitted disease

I guess character doesn't count!

Just sayin' . . .

Friday, March 07, 2008

“An Insult to Monsters Everywhere!”

Obama Advisor Resigns over Remark about Clinton

Samantha Power, believed to be one of the chief foreign policy advisors to the Presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), resigned from the campaign today after it was revealed that she referred to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) as a “monster.” The group Helping All Monsters Attain Sympathy (HAMAS), an international advocacy organization for monsters, sent out a press release saying that Powers’ remarks “were an insult to monsters everywhere. We at HAMAS know what it’s like to be monsters, and we are especially disappointed that this came from the Obama campaign, which we had valued as our friend.”

The Clinton campaign did not have an immediate reaction. However, the Senator’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, started to say that “maybe Powers should have been more specific, like refer to Hillary as a ‘ball-busting monster’ or something like that . . .” Unfortunately, the phone connection went dead quite abruptly after former President Clinton uttered that phrase.

The message to the Obama to remove Powers was relayed by Congressman James Moran (D-VA-8). Moran is well-known for his monstrous behavior, particularly to women and minorities. In addition, many believe that Moran holds views very dear to those of HAMAS.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Islamic Rage Boy Interns at the Associated Press

Reason for Legal Nasty-gram to Snapped Shot Discovered

It has by now become a sad, yet well-known fact that one of our fellow Old Dominion Blog Alliance colleagues, Snapped Shot, has received a “cease and desist” letter from the Associated Press. What was not known until today was the primary motivation was the research done by the AP’s newest intern, one “Islamic Rage Boy,” a young man depicted on several blogs including Snapped Shot.

The young man, whose full name is not known to Westerners but often goes by the nickname “al-Ghotfuqr,” has told his manager, Priti H. Doshi (AP’s Corporate Counsel), that he perceives images of him posted on Snapped Shot to be less than flattering. “I was very fortunate to land this internship,” said IRB. “While I do not have any experience in Western legal customs, this provides an excellent opportunity to understand the system we want to destroy, er, reform to achieve diversity standards. I warn all such ‘blogs’ to be very careful of these unflattering depictions of the faithful, or else you, too, will be slammed with Allah’s wrath, er, I mean, you will receive warning letters from the Corporate Counsel.”

When asked how one would know in advance what photos would be acceptable, IRB added helpfully, “Please feel free to write Priti H. Doshi at or call him at 212-621-RATS (7287). Everyone should inquire immediately in order to avoid such blasphemy, er, incidents, in the future.”

Documentary evidence from The Nose on Your Face seems to support the existence of IRB’s new employment. “Besides,” said PA President Mahmoud Abbas, “al-Ghotfuqr was a favorite of the late Yassir Arafat, and he is giving us the most interesting information about the New York subway.”