Sunday, August 10, 2008

John Edwards Files Lawsuit against OB/GYN

Former Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards today filed a lawsuit against the doctor who delivered Rielle Hunter’s baby girl. Hunter, who was hired to perform some Internet-related consulting for the Edwards campaign, had an affair with the former Senator, according to the Edwards’ admission.

In the lawsuit, Edwards charges the physicians with gross negligence in allowing Hunter to deliver a healthy baby. “I could feel in every follicle of my finely blow-dried hair that this baby did not want to create a scandal,” said Edwards in a written statement. “In fact, I could channel the baby’s thoughts for months. What kind of doctor would permit such a tragedy to persist under these circumstances?” Edwards is asking for $50 million dollars, plus an undisclosed amount that is believed to be equal to payments to Hunter.

Edwards would not give an interview about this lawsuit. However, a supporter of Edwards, who would only give his name as “Bubby,” said that “We all know how Rielle was passed around more than conspiracy theories at a nut, er, netroot convention. This is why Democrats stand for more government involvement in health care. It is all the fault of Bush’s policies to allow these doctors to act in an unrestricted manner.

“Heck, Hillary had her husband Bill on her side. What else did you expect John Edwards to do? Besides, John knew that Elizabeth would be OK with it. After all, he channeled her thoughts also.”