Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wahhabi Worries?

Hat tip: Muenchhausen

A recent Washington Post article says that OPEC plans to fund climate change research to the tune of $750 million. Now I look at this kind of news and scratch my head. But let’s think about this. After all, as we know from watching the “climate change” debate, there’s a lot of “follow the money” going on around here. So I have to come up with all kinds of non-mutually exclusive possibilities:

1) Researchers are looking for another gravy train funding source outside of U.S. and European governments,

2) OPEC fears that expensive oil will make a competing energy technology competitive, and eventually cheaper,

3) OPEC wants to get ahead of the game and control the debate somehow,

4) Natural gas supplies owned by OPEC countries could be made that much more valuable as a “low carbon” energy source,

5) Middle Eastern potentates actually do want to diversify their economies before they become a bunch of date farmers again, and/or

6) Fill in your own cynical answer.

Now I am greatly skeptical about the theories of anthropogenic global warming, but I have to say that watching some of these guys squirm makes me chuckle. Nothing like good old American ingenuity (if some of the green groups would get the heck out of the way), is there?