Saturday, November 24, 2007

Maryland Shocker: Prostitution Vote Included in Gambling Referendum

From Slots to Sluts

A hidden development in the new Maryland tax hike legislation has just been discovered. Along with hikes in sales, income, corporate, vehicle titling, and computer service taxes, the Maryland General Assembly authorized a Constitutional Amendment authorizing slot machines at certain locations. We at Isophorone Blog have since learned that the legislation also allows houses of ill-repute in the State.

According to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, this measure will help the City of Baltimore (of which he was Mayor until recently) counteract its high homicide rate. “I feel truly that I have progressed from being Mayor of Baltimore to being Governor of Baltimore,” said O’Malley. Maryland Senate President Mike Miller added “No one will be able to tell the difference between these businesses and the way we’ve been operating in Annapolis for years.”

The General Assembly was reluctant to consider adding this legislation, but strong lobbying by former Governor Parris Glendening changed that. “Now that I am no longer a Professor at the University of Maryland,” said the former Governor,” I need to conduct my political and sociological studies elsewhere. And please don’t tell my wife what I am doing. Three marriages is enough.”

The general plan is to have facilities of differing types, including budget accommodations in the actual Pimlico racetrack horse stalls for those who cannot afford anything else. Locations in Baltimore City and Prince Georges County (convenient to Congress in DC) will probably be used. Still under negotiation is one in Montgomery County. County Executive Ike Leggett says he is generally favorable, but “Duchy Trachtenberg wants to make sure transgendered people are catered to here, and I can’t get approval otherwise.”