Friday, July 27, 2007

Make Jimmy Ride the Bus!

Hat tip: Riley, Not O'Reilly

Jim Webb votes against protection from nuisance lawsuits against anti-terrorism tipsters.

What also funny is how these limo leftists never take public transporation, either. Or even look into it, for that matter. See, if Virginia's junior Senator bothered looking at the web (not Webb) page of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, he might have found the safety brochure with these important statements:

“If you see someone acting suspiciously, find an unattended package or witness anything unusual, stay away from it and tell the bus operator, train operator or station manager immediately.”


“Recent events make it even more important for you to be our partners in safety. Show your patriotism by helping us keep Metro safe and secure.” [Emphasis added.]

Let's just say that allowing nuisance lawsuits does not help "keep Metro safe and secure."

So now Jim Webb (and his left-wing Democrat-ICK cohorts) is unpatriotic by Metro's standards?