Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tagged II

Tagged II

This time I am giving my own answers to the Petitedov tagging. You are warned that some of the things I say may turn out to be true!

A- available or single? – Married and unavailable

B- best friend? Money! Just kidding. There’s Gene, Michael, Jordan, Steve, Craig, etc.

C- cake or pie? Cake. Chocolate cake.
[Here I am in total agreement with my son. I would, however, like to add rum balls and raspberry chip brownies.]

D- drink of choice? - Well, I drink a lot of water! That said, I’m not too picky. Bonefish Grill had this pomegranate martini that I found interesting.
[“Water is bad enough in your shoes! For what do you want it in your stomach?”
-- Old family saying, poorly translated]

E- essential item I use every day: - The parking pass

F- favorite color? – Well, I seem to own a lot of blue

G- gummy bears or gummy worms? Not any of those two
[Here again I agree with my son]

H- hometown? Northern Virginia, but grew up in Maryland and born in New York City

I- indulgence? Milkshakes. After I munch a lactase enzyme pill

J- january or february? January. Because I haven’t gotten sick of winter yet, and because it’s my wife’s birthday (whereby I can buy her a present cheaper)

K- kids and names: Ilana (which we didn’t use because we have two boys), Nathan, (which we didn’t use because my wife didn’t like it), Evan (which we didn’t use because I didn’t go for it). Feel free to use these names if you want.

L- life is incomplete without? Project management. No, wait! How about . . . being able to see humor in almost anything.

M- marriage date: November 23, 1996

N- number of siblings: One younger sister.

O- oranges or apples? Oranges

P- phobias or fears? Vasovagal reactions.

Q- favorite quote? I have a few:
“Whereas a clock that stands still is right twice a day, a clock that runs backwards is right four times a day.”
“Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.”
“I think it is more exciting not to catch a large fish, than not to catch a small one.”
[The last one is attributed to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 – 1986).]

R- reasons to smile? I understand it's healthy for you.

S- season? Summer. I’m FOR global warming!
[If I sold t-shirts saying that would you buy them?]

T- tag: Theocon, Mike Antonucci, Tugboat Phil (what the heck is your blog?)

U- unknown fact about me: I bought my wife’s engagement ring four years before I even met her. That and I know the real fish story.

V- vegetable you don’t like: Beets

W- worst habit: Sarcasm. And too many remarks about fish.

Y- your favorite food? Fish. No, wait, I mean Chocolate!

Z- zodiac? Libra, or (metal) ox on the Chinese calendar