Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Tough Life for Singles Around the World

Making Love, not War

I saw these two articles today:

Shortage of suitable men in Gaza – Hamas is getting into the matchmaking business. Besides their well-known terrorism activities, Hamas acts pretty much as a “ward healer” to bring social services (at least when the local populace is not engaging in destroying infrastructure given to them by the Israelis or Western countries). Since there seems to be a shortage of middle class men in Gaza (wonder why?), Hamas is stealthily trying to find matches for the women.

Shortage of women in China – China’s “one child” policy has worked so well that the country is now experiencing a shortage of women (often due to sex-selection-related abortions). The article to which I linked tells of a man who paid a lot of money to marry a woman and then was dumped after a week or so.

Do you see where this is going? ;)

So let’s match some of these Gaza women with the Chinese men. My guess is that after a few decades, especially if the women go live in China, we’ll be a lot closer to achieving peace in the Middle East! In addition, if the Chinese men are happier, maybe we’ll have better relations with that government as well. Besides, the Chinese will be able to keep more of their accumulated income, and you know how wealth builds health (and a peaceful, growing economy).

My other “shorter distance” idea to help the Chinese men is to have the Beijing government allow single North Korean women to escape into mainland China if they agree to marry the single Chinese guys. With that kind of a mass exodus, the North Korean government will implode pretty quickly. Even if they don’t, they’ll run out of soldiers and slave labor in just a few decades!

With all the big bucks that they pay Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, why doesn’t she (or at least Joe Biden, who has nothing better to do anyway) think of this stuff?