Saturday, April 25, 2009

School Daze II

I wrote a while back about problems we had in getting my son’s teacher to return tests and in class assignments. We were going around in circles, getting promises from the teacher that turned out to be at best half-hearted attempts to comply with our wishes.

We have some good news to report now. Finally, my wife did go to the principal. She figured that she does so much for other people, so she should at least stand up for her own son. We received a whole lot more tests back from the teacher that afternoon. Soon thereafter, other students started getting their old tests and classroom assignments returned.

Initially, we had been concerned about reprisals. However, we just got a report card for our son, and it shows vast improvement in his grades. So our fears were misplaced. It’s probably just as well that my wife went to the principal before I did. ;)