Wednesday, April 01, 2009

General Motors Extends Warrantees

Government Backing Makes Cars Last Longer

The new CEO of General Motors, Fritz Henderson, announced today that General Motors will extend its warrantees to 15 years and 200,000 miles. “My predecessor, Rick Wagoner, did not fully harness the powerful incentives created by warrantees,” said Henderson. Now that the Obama Administration is backing up GM warrantees, we feel that we can extend them. If this program works out, why, we may go for 20 year warrantees and higher mileage.”

Administration sources had no direct comment on GM’s action. However, an anonymous source said that “this is one more example of how we can ‘spread the wheels’ with our domestic auto rescue plan. The American people will never tire of this. No longer will the American auto industry be in suspension. I am surprised the White House is not blowing its horn even more about the warrantee plan”

Republicans were somewhat critical of the consequences of the bailout. Said a source at the Republican National Committee, “This is just one more left turn signal coming from Obama. Soon the whole country is going to fall out of alignment”