Sunday, July 20, 2008

Warner Translator

Marky Mark on Energy

I will admit to not being as good as Right-Wing Liberal concerning translations of Democratic Senate candidate Mark Warner’s rhetoric. However, the past debate has given all of us plenty of fodder for satire, so here is my humble contribution. By the way, if you have not read SWAC Girl’s account of the debate, you should. It is definitely the best account.

The Washington Post carried an account of the debate. Here is what Mark Warner’s debate comments were summarized:

Warner, whose energy plan calls for getting tougher with OPEC and increasing regulation on investors who speculate in the oil market, did not rule out more drilling. He has said that he is skeptical of drilling for oil offshore, but during the debate he said he would support a bill to lift the moratorium on drilling and allow states to decide.


This gas price issue is killing us Democrats and may sink my campaign. I’d better come up with something halfway decent to make voters forget that I vetoed off-shore drilling when I was Governor.

Right after the debate, here is what Warner said to the Post:

Later, when pressed by reporters, Warner said he would support drilling off Virginia once "environmental standards" were met, but he did not elaborate.

"Where I strongly differ from Jim Gilmore's position is that somehow that is the silver bullet that is going to solve all the nation's energy problems," Warner said.


My friends in the Sierra Club will tell me when environmental standards are good enough, which is basically, never. And on energy, I am just full of hot air.

Again, for those of you in other States, this is a template of what your Democratic Congressional and Senatorial candidates will try to do. Without any drilling, they just might “self-combust.”