Saturday, February 23, 2008

Obama’s Military Source Discovered

Hope Floats?

During Thursday’s Democratic debate Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) claimed that American troops rode in open Humvees and had to resort to stealing Taliban weapons in Afghanistan due to their own weapons and equipment shortages. Since then, Obama has been challenged, particularly by Republicans, to produce his mysterious military source of information.

Today, the junior Senator from Massachusetts came to Obama’s aid. John Kerry said that the source was the same man who conveyed to him President Nixon’s orders to go to Cambodia in 1968. Kerry was quoted as saying that this individual would be of great help to Obama as he was “seared, seared in my memory!” Many Republicans wondered aloud if Obama would also receive a souvenir hat, possibly of the stannous variety.

The campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) reacted derisively. Top campaign aide Howard Wolfson was heard to say “Obama thinks that he’s on a swift boat to the nomination, but we’re going to give him some white water, that’s for sure!”