Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time Wounds All Heels

Winter of the Clintons' Discontent?

I just love all these quotes about the Clintons from their (now former?) friends and apologists. This one is my favorite:

Columnist/Editor Jonathan Chait: “Am I starting to sound like a Clinton hater? It’s a scary thought. Of course, to conservatives, it’s a delicious thought. The Wall Street Journal published a gloating editorial noting that liberals had suddenly learned “what everyone else already knows about the Clintons.” (By “everyone,” it means Republicans.) It made me wonder: Were the conservatives right about Bill Clinton all along?” (The Los Angeles Times).

As it happens, I did read the the Wall Street Journal's editorial about the Clintons and their race-baiting. The Journal also noted the disappointment expressed by the left-wing writers. The conclusion (to which Chait had alluded) was:

This primary contest has been a rolling revelation for many Democrats and the media, as they've been shocked to see the Clinton brand of divisive politics played against one of their own. Liberal columnists who long idolized the Clintons are even writing more-in-sorrow-than-anger pieces asking how Bill and Hillary could descend to such deceptive tactics. Allow us to answer that lament this way: Our readers aren't surprised. [Emphasis in the original.]

Now we should all realize that Hillary Clinton still has a very good chance of winning the DemocratICK nomination, particularly with her strength in "superdelegates." The angry left editorialists most likely will come around to supporting her, because hatred of almost anything Republican is paramount. And let's face it, even Senator Clinton could well win the general election. I would never underestimate the power of the Clinton spin machine.

There is another trajectory, though. Yes, Hillary Clinton could well win her party's nomination, but what does the race-baiting mean? Does it get the minority vote to sit home? Does a larger percentage get attracted to the eventual Republican nominee (whome I am guessing will be either Romney or McCain)? Some of this depends on how much more offensive the Clintons become against Senator Obama.

Now I've made fun of Barack Obama, but from my point of view, he's mostly an empty suit without well-thought-out stands on the issues. However, what he doesn't deserve are some of the insulting characterizations that has come from the former President and the junior Senator from New York. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton gets out of control when everything becomes about Bill Clinton.

Truly a tragedy in the making.