Saturday, January 26, 2008

Barack Obama Helps with Iraq Flag Compromise

“Change” for the South

U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (D-IL) announced today that he is helping to bring stability to Iraq by quelling riots over their flag controversy. Obama, who has been widely criticized by his primary opponents for his lack of experience and expertise in foreign policy matters, hopes that this action will “bring change” to his image as a lightweight.

The government of Iraq has been mired in controversy on finding a flag which would appeal to its various ethnic groups. Approval of the most recent flag has sparked riots in the streets as well as calls for even more compromise. Obama has told reporters that he as “seen an opening” to inject himself into the issue in his own innovative way.

“This is part of what change is,” said Obama. “We’ll change the Iraqi flag for the Confederate one on the State Capitol grounds. Since I've had this idea, I've decided to run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

“I have gotten a lot of inspiration from Dr. Jeremiah Wright, the minister who married Michelle and me,” said Obama. Because he is such a good friend of Louis Farrakhan, “I can reach out to many communities in the Middle East that ordinarily get shunned. I think by doing this, we can pull our troops out immediately from Iraq,” added Obama

Obama also believes his move has helped him win the hotly-contested South Carolina primary and may well help him, particularly with the black vote, in other Southern States such as Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi.

Obama concluded: “The flag of Iraq would look great in front of the South Carolina Statehouse. The only negative feedback seems to be from the kinds of people who would vote for Republicans or for John Edwards anyway, so their opinion doesn’t count for much. The Confederate Battle Flag should appeal to all Iraqi ethnic groups equally. I ask that the State Department bring this to Baghdad immediately.”

New Iraqi flag as proposed by Senator Barack Obama
The campaign of Hillary Clinton had no reaction to Senator Obama's idea, but former Senator John Edwards attacked Obama immediately. "My hair looks better in the wind that Obama's flags," said Edwards.