Wednesday, January 23, 2008

O'Brien Mulls LG Run

I heard last night at the Fairfax County Republican Committee meeting that former State Senator Jay O'Brien is deciding whether or not to run for Lieutenant Governor next year, assuming that current LG Bill Bolling decides not to run for re-election for that job. Jay O'Brien narrowly lost re-election last year in the Democratic takeover of the State Senate. O'Brien is a great guy, funny, and a good conservative on the issues.

In other news, Arthur Purves, who ran unsuccessfully for Delegate in Fairfax County last year, talked to the Fairfax County Republican Committee about his campaign, and the fact that he got 36% of the vote by spending only $9,000 against a much wealthier Democratic incumbent. One interesting remark he made was that he put a scare in some obscure blogger named "Not Larry Sabato." (Click link at your own risk.)