Sunday, August 26, 2007

Virginia Senate Democrat Recycles Jew-Baiting Political Operative

Interests Now Redirected to Pedophilia


Live By “Macaca,” Die By “NAMBLA”
Top Virginia Democratic Strategist Linked To Pedophile Web Site

Richmond, Virginia. (August 25, 2007) – The Old Dominion Blog Alliance (“ODBA”), an organization of approximately 25 conservative Virginia bloggers founded on December 9, 2005, discovered on August 21 that someone registered the domain name of “” on August 16 via’s Domains by Proxy service in order to conceal their identity. The domain was then set to forward to the web site for the North American Man-Boy Love Association ("NAMBLA"), an organization that promotes illegal activity between adults and children, including pedophilia.

Following this disclosure, the parties behind it were subsequently discovered to be Joe Stanley of Yellow Dog Strategy, a Democratic consultant who manufactured last year’s “macaca” gaffe by U.S. Sen. George Allen into an ex post facto racial slur and produced the controversial anti-Harris Miller mailing, and Ben Tribbett who runs the Northern Virginian blog “Not Larry Sabato.”

Evidence in hand and a confession by Mr. Stanley show that he was the one who purchased the domain name and then set it to forward to the NAMBLA web site. Mr. Tribbett, who is close to Mr. Stanley, proceeded to peddle the story to another blog and then feigned outrage at this action apparently in order to further raise the story’s visibility while maintaining deniability over it. Mr. Stanley undertook this action just two days after members of the ODBA began a concerted effort against state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (D-20th Dist.), a candidate for whom Mr. Stanley has done work and who is locked in a tight reelection battle with Republican Jeff Evans. Sen. Reynolds advertises on “Not Larry Sabato.”

“Child sexual abuse is not a joke and certainly not a political tactic to be used in order to silence your political enemies,” said Kathryn Wilton of the blog CatHouse Chat, a member of the ODBA, the wife of a Navy veteran and mother. “Pedophilia is a morally repugnant behavior and how Mr. Stanley or Mr. Tribbett could think this is humorous or fair game politically is beyond my comprehension.”

“Senator Reynolds needs to go on the record whether or not he agrees with these abhorrent tactics used on his behalf,” added Greg Letiecq of Black Velvet Bruce Li, one of the most widely read blogs in Virginia. “Joe Stanley did this to benefit him. Reynolds must either expressly condone or renounce these tactics used for his gain.”

Members of the ODBA are currently considering whether to bring any civil legal claims stemming from this defamatory act perpetrated upon them. Should a case be brought and damages awarded, any proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight child abuse.

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Here’s what gets me: Twinkie Joe’s “confession states, in part:

I pointed the domain to NAMBLA for specific reasons. NAMBLA is an organization that advocates a set of beliefs that turn my stomach. Through misinformation, prevarication, and a false sense of earnestness, they pursue a predatory agenda that brings direct harm to countless innocent individuals. Their primary defense is the first amendment.

It is my opinion that the ODBA conducts itself in much the same way. While the end
product is far less repugnant than pedophilia, no fewer individuals are hurt by the organization. The main distinction I can make between the two organizations is that NAMBLA believes in the first amendment, and ODBA only believes in their right to free speech.

Now isn’t that just peachy? So by this logic, (failed 2006 Virginia Democratic Senatorial hopeful) Harris Miller deserved the hooked nose cartoon as well as the “antichrist” characterization because he, too “pursue a predatory agenda that brings direct harm to countless innocent individuals.” Gee, matches the kind of humor we saw in 1930s Germany rather well, don’t you think? Nice to know that his cowardly, self-ashamed lackey Ben agrees. My 19th Century ancestors from Eastern Europe had a saying about where the likes of Joe got these predispositions, but it’s not getting repeated here (yet).

For those of you from outside Virginia, pay attention. Now I’ve noticed that several other conservative blogs form statewide alliances. Look at it this way: What has happened in Virginia could very well happen to you. Seven or nine years ago it was leaflets about burning churches stuck in voters’ doors, copied from Maryland to Missouri and then nationwide. Now we have this kind of Internet attack. The whole operation here was not some itinerant operative, this Stanley is a Democratic Party official in Virginia.

I would also warn some of you that Twinkie Joe and Psycho Ben are the kinds of people who make personal attacks and even threats against opponents. Apparently, even their despicable nastiness is not enough to satisfy them. You would think clowns like that worked for a labor union given the kinds of things they say to people!

Now the other blog mentioned in the press release did apologize and help expose Joe Stanley. I do accept the apology and appreciate the efforts in helping to expose this sleazebag. This, however, raises a good question about the DemocratICK operatives, especially Tribbett: After spending so much time with crude attacks on political adversaries, are you now turning to taking down your (former) friends? Your former friends are rapidly finding out how Clarence and Buckingham felt in Shakespeare’s Richard III. Summer is ending; will this be the season of someone’s discontent? I can’t wait to hear young Ben exclaim something like “A blog! A blog! My kingdom for a blog!”

Many thanks to my fellow ODBA bloggers for helping to stand up to these slimeballs. For more great reading multiple commentary, videos, cartoons, etc, check out what Kat, J’s Notes, Leslie, James, Ward, Carl, Scott, Greg, Jim, Flora, Riley, and probably many more I left out.