Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bush Considers New U.N. Nominee

Inside sources at the White House are leaking information that President Bush is considering nominating outgoing Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele as Ambassador to the United Nations. In a closed meeting, the President is rumored to have said, "Well, Michael's mustache is not so ferocious, but he's tall and can squish those North Koreans like bugs."

The White House may note other positive attributes of nominating Steele, such as his appeal to many different ethnic groups, his legal background, and perceived ease of achieving confirmation in the Senate. The White House has been looking for a way to placate Steele after denying him the top spot at the Republican National Committee. However, a White House aide sums up what may be the real motivation for nominating Steele: "That dog of his is going to scare the merde out of the French."