Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Democrats Claim McDonnell “Poisoned” Biden

“Simplest Explanation” for String of Gaffes

The Obama campaign, in a desperate attempt to defend Vice President Joe Biden, lashed out at Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and accused the Governor of “poisoning the Vice President.”  Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter added that “no one can make that many stupid remarks unless they were under the influence of drugs or someone slipped in a toxic substance.  Given that this statement was made in Blacksburg, Virginia, and the comments on chains and about “winning in North Carolina” also occurred in Virginia, our campaign is starting to suspect foul play.”

Governor McDonnell’s office shot back at the Obama campaign.  “Joe Biden’s string of embarrassing remarks are the result of drinking his own Kool-Aid for too many years.  He should have stuck to donuts.”

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