Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks for Nothing, Timmy!

Chomping at the Bit to Delay Drilling

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine (D) wrote to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on February 19, 2009 asking him to delay the sale of oil and gas exploration lease rights. Kaine’s reasoning was that he wanted the delays to be in keeping with Secretary Salazar’s 180-day extension of the comment period on the proposed development of oil and gas resources on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf. The sales were scheduled to take place in 2011. Governor Kaine also wants to avoid “singling out a particular state for a lease sale.”

Now wait – aren’t we facing a budget deficit in Virginia? Wouldn’t development of oil and gas result in more high-paying jobs and an expanded tax base? Does anyone really think that these “green jobs” could really be an effective substitute for energy development? I am not saying that all green jobs (even the government-funded ones) are worthless, but they can’t be to the exclusion of private sector energy development.

The American Petroleum Institute had some interesting things to say on February 25. They noted that this is part of “a pattern” of delay, especially after the Secretary extended the comment period on other oil and gas leasing proposals. Note this interesting passage from API President Jack Girard:

Americans support expanded development of our domestic resources. Even as oil and gasoline prices have plummeted in recent months, 61 percent say they want to see development of our resources in off-limits federal waters. A full 70 percent of Virginians in a July poll supported increased offshore development. It is time to start listening to the wisdom of the American people and stop putting off until tomorrow what we should be doing today.

Now that Tim Kaine is Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, he works for people who are much more important than mere constituents. He has probably learned all kinds of interesting technological things from his Hollywood donor base, like how you don’t need all that drilling when you can just get energy from the plug!

So what kind of car does Timmy drive?