Monday, February 02, 2009

Sharon Pelosi Bulova

“Shut Up and Pay”

Many of my conservative blog associates have done an outstanding job highlighting why Fairfax County needs to elect Pat Herrity (R) over Sharon Bulova (D) in tomorrow’s special election. Kudos go especially to Bwana, who has written a fantastic series of posts on the topic. (I’m sorry if I left anyone out here.)

The arguments from the left are especially ridiculous. They think that the doubling of taxes was necessary to keep up the standard of life we enjoy in Fairfax County? Ridiculous! In fact, I remember how Chris Braunlich, during the 2007 School Board campaign, pointed to a deterioration in minority student achievement in Fairfax DESPITE all the additional money. Let’s face it, the problem is not a lack of money in this case. At the present rate of increase, my property taxes will exceed my mortgage in not too many years.

They say that Pat Herrity doesn’t have enough experience? Excuse me, somehow work in the private sector doesn’t count? Even more ironic, the ones who deride Pat’s experience are the same people who voted for Barack Obama over John McCain! I guess that experience doesn’t matter. Frankly, Pat Herrity has done more work in a year on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors that Barack Obama ever did in four years in the U.S. Senate!

The main fear that the leftists have is that Pat Herrity will follow through on making the budget transparent. The spending machine will be subject to some adult supervision for a change. Voters will find out just what kind of gold-plated purchases the Connolly-Bulova machine has been making under the assumption that taxes can be raised limitlessly. We will find out who all the left wing special interests are! Don’t they sound like Nancy Pelosi?

Isn’t it amazing how the left doesn’t like to be questioned when it comes to all this spending? What happened to the concept of questioning authority? No, it has evolved into “shut up and pay.” Why are we not surprised?

Vote for Pat Herrity on February 3, 2009!