Monday, April 07, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere

And Even a Drop or Two to Drink!

Our good friends at UCV posted an interesting item about the opening of a new water treatment facility in Iraq. The information, supplied by U.S. Central Command, speaks of how 60,000 people in the Iraqi town of Mahmudiyah now have clean water to drink.

As we know, lack of clean water is a huge problem in developing countries, and providing water treatment gives some of the biggest bang for the environmental buck. As we have seen here, though, most of the public attention is directed towards more scientifically shaky concepts like “global warming.”

What really gets me, though, is how many of today’s left wing “environmentalists” were against the liberation of Iraq. Not only did Saddam Hussein develop chemical weapons, fund terrorists, and murder hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen, but he also imposed vast environmental destruction. He deliberately drained marshlands in southern Iraq in order to punish the “marsh Arabs” of southern Iraq. He also played favorites with what populations got better access to clean water and electricity (not that any infrastructure was maintained properly). In fact, it is reasonable to attribute several thousand more deaths in Iraq to Saddam’s environmentally destructive practices.

Now that Iraq has been liberated from this thug and our troops, contractors, NGOs, and volunteers have helped to clean up the place, where is the gratitude from the lefties? Apparently, deranged hatred is more important!