Thursday, April 17, 2008

Famous Novelist Becomes Virginia Congressman

Based on a Phone Call I Received

I came home from work to find a robocall message from a group called “American Family Voices.” It said:

Under the watch of Bush-Cheney and Congressman Tom Wolfe, America has grown weaker. Despite billions of dollars spent to enrich private contractors in Iraq, not a single active duty or Reserve brigade in America is considered combat ready. Call Congressman Tom Wolfe at [district office number] and ask him what he is doing to change this. We can’t allow our military to be stretched so thin that we become vulnerable. Tell Congressman Tom Wolfe that something’s got to change.
[Emphasis added]

Now I do like some works of novelist Tom Wolfe, but I didn’t know he was also in Congress! Now you know this is a bit of snark, because, of course, the Congressman for the Tenth District of Virginia is, in fact, Frank Wolf. I checked his web page just now, and it does not show that he has changed his name. (Perhaps I will call his office during business hours tomorrow to confirm this.)

Now I looked up “American Family Voices,” and found some interesting information. Their director, one Mike Lux, is a former Clinton Administration official who started his organization with a lot of Big Labor funding. AFV has also received a lot of funding from leftist film producer Steve Bing (currently in a paternity dispute with actress Elizabeth Hurley). Lux is apparently collecting money for Democratic Presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Now those of you familiar with the Virginia blogosphere know that this is the kind of idiocy we expect from the “Say no to war unless a Democrat is President” Clinton supporters like Nasty Leftist Schmuck (who certainly never will be "a man in full") and his moronic friends. Aside from the factually challenged message, it is obvious that these kinds of people can never appreciate the military victories, engineering accomplishments, and humanitarian work being performed by American military, civilians, and allies from a wide range of countries.

Clearly, the AFV people do not have “the right stuff.” They are so deranged by Bush hatred, they may well end up setting a “bonfire” to their “vanities.”