Sunday, March 02, 2008

Islamic Rage Boy Interns at the Associated Press

Reason for Legal Nasty-gram to Snapped Shot Discovered

It has by now become a sad, yet well-known fact that one of our fellow Old Dominion Blog Alliance colleagues, Snapped Shot, has received a “cease and desist” letter from the Associated Press. What was not known until today was the primary motivation was the research done by the AP’s newest intern, one “Islamic Rage Boy,” a young man depicted on several blogs including Snapped Shot.

The young man, whose full name is not known to Westerners but often goes by the nickname “al-Ghotfuqr,” has told his manager, Priti H. Doshi (AP’s Corporate Counsel), that he perceives images of him posted on Snapped Shot to be less than flattering. “I was very fortunate to land this internship,” said IRB. “While I do not have any experience in Western legal customs, this provides an excellent opportunity to understand the system we want to destroy, er, reform to achieve diversity standards. I warn all such ‘blogs’ to be very careful of these unflattering depictions of the faithful, or else you, too, will be slammed with Allah’s wrath, er, I mean, you will receive warning letters from the Corporate Counsel.”

When asked how one would know in advance what photos would be acceptable, IRB added helpfully, “Please feel free to write Priti H. Doshi at or call him at 212-621-RATS (7287). Everyone should inquire immediately in order to avoid such blasphemy, er, incidents, in the future.”

Documentary evidence from The Nose on Your Face seems to support the existence of IRB’s new employment. “Besides,” said PA President Mahmoud Abbas, “al-Ghotfuqr was a favorite of the late Yassir Arafat, and he is giving us the most interesting information about the New York subway.”