Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Obama Refines Kansas Remarks

Admits to Gaffe in Richmond

Hat tip: Chris

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), responding to criticism that he stated 10,000 people died in the Greensburg, Kansas tornado, said today that he meant “10,000 corn stalks were killed.” The Democratic Presidential hopeful also said that he was “trying to appeal to Democratic base supporters who are not very familiar with the people or agriculture of flyover country.” Obama stated his support for ethanol mandates, and mourned “the tragic loss to America’s energy supplies.” He also stated his support for the National Guard and hoped he “could reunite those deployed to Iraq with their comrades back home by September.”

The White House scoffed at Obama’s explanations. “Senator Obama doesn’t know the National Guard from a kernel” said spokeman Tony Snow.

Obama admitted that his political inexperience was a challenge he still needed to overcome. He asked for suggestions on how to avoid his corny mistakes, saying that “I’m all ears.”