Friday, May 11, 2007

New Factors to Affect Film Ratings

Ever since the Motion Picture Association of America decided to add smoking as a factor in rating movies, pressure groups are demanding even more value-oriented items be used as rating criteria. A coalition of gay rights, labor unions, environmental, and abortion groups has presented a new list to MPAA. According to this list, movies should be rated “R” if they depict any of the following:

  • Coal mining
  • Religious schools (in which no abuses are taking place)
  • Heterosexual couples with their own children
  • Parents adopting children
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Legal immigrants who fill out their paperwork properly
  • Ethical businessmen at a Fortune 500 company
  • Positive depiction of a Republican
  • Economic growth due to tax cuts
  • Failure of socialized medicine
  • Exposure of left-wing lies
  • Debunking of environmentalist hysteria by real scientists
  • Muslim terrorists
  • Heroic actions by the American or Israeli military
  • Political opposition to Fidel Castro
  • Country music stars other than the Dixie Chicks

Feel free to add to this list.