Monday, April 09, 2007

Teachers in the NUT-House

Via Intercepts

According to The Guardian, British teachers are being driven to drug addiction and eating disorders due to the pressures of their jobs.

Excessive demands from ministers and management "bullying" have led to up to one in three teachers experiencing mental health problems, the National Union of Teachers said.

Yes, the acronym for the National Union of Teachers is "NUT."

Here is the interesting part:

A snapshot survey of 140 teachers in Nottingham found one in three "resort to alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating or other substances to help them cope".

One in three teachers going nuts? I guess the good people of Nottingham don't call the Sheriff, eh? (Sorry, couldn't help that!)

Now what gets me is that in no place does the article mention anything like classroom discipline as a problem for the teachers. I mean, isn't Britain rather notorious for their increasing laxness in law enforcement? I've even read that schools in former British colonies (which cling to backward traditional teaching methods) outperform the ones in Britain. Maybe asking for a safe learning environment is too much for these people, or too obvious.

You can read more about the "NUT" resolution here. Note also the objections to "faith schools" and to performance standards. Sounds like many British parents are getting the same ideas American ones are!