Saturday, April 14, 2007

Country Music Wisdom for Don Imus

The CMT Awards is this week, so I got to thinking -- What country lyrics are most relevant to the misfortunes of Don Imus? Well, here's my answer:

I love my records
Black, shiny vinyl
Clicks and pops
And white noise
Man they sounded fine
I had my favorite stations
The ones that played them all
Country, soul, rock-and-roll
What happened to those times?

I'm readin' Street Slang For Dummies
Cause they put pop in my country
I want more for my money
The way it was back then

Back when a hoe was a hoe
Coke was a Coke
And crack's what you were doing
When you were cracking jokes
Back when a screw was a screw
The wind was all that blew
And when you said I'm down with that
Well it meant you had the flu
I miss back when
I miss back when
I miss back when

(Apologies to Tim McGraw)

Don't forget to root for Sugarland!