Friday, January 08, 2010

Marsden Money Merry-Go-Round

Recycling Sham

Hat Tip: Riley

According to the Washington Post, Delegate David Marsden is renting a room in the home of some political supporters, the Sewards. The rent is $600 per month. But what are the Sewards doing with their newly found windfall? Just look it up on VPAP. Apparently, Ronald Seward of Burke gave $200 to Marsden’s Senate campaign in December, while his wife Paula gave $100 the same day (December 10, 2009). In addition, Ronald Seward gave Marsden’s Delegate campaign $475 in 2009 in addition to the above.

So for the State Senate campaign alone, half of one month’s rent has been given back to Marsden’s campaign. Quid pro quo? I wonder who is writing the rent checks.