Thursday, August 13, 2009

I HATE When This Happens

Last night I was making these brownies at home for a work party. (This time, though, I used blackberry jam instead of raspberry because Wegmans was out of the seedless raspberry jam.) As I was mixing eggs, sugar, and chocolate, the mixer suddenly slowed down, gave off smoke, and smelled like burning insulation. Fortunately, I shut the mixer off and unplugged it quickly. I also made sure that no one threw the thing in the garbage until it had cooled down completely.

So then I had to mix things the old fashioned way – with an egg-beater and by hand. The funny thing was, the brownies seemed to come out with a better consistency! Maybe I should go “low tech in the future.

The worst part was that the work party got scheduled for when I was about to leave, so I had to drop off the brownies and leave. Luckily, I saved about half the brownie batch for home. The kids are quite thankful.

Before you ask – Yes, I make the brownies myself, from scratch. My eight-year-old likes to help by cracking eggs.