Sunday, June 01, 2008

RPV Convention

Yes, I was there. And yes, I was the one with those goofy sunglasses that had the hologram of an elephant.

By now, news of all the events, happenings, and mishaps can be found on any of a number of Virginia blogs. Just click on any of my ODBA links randomly and you will find some synopsis.

Personally, I was there to vote, but also the event was a lot of fun for me. I met a bunch of my fellow bloggers and caught up with some old friends. Sorry I didn’t get to meet more of my blog colleagues. Thanks to the Fairfax County Republican Committee for providing a bus. Thanks also to all the people driving on I-95 for not creating some sort of traffic nightmare and making us late. ;)

My main complaints about the convention had to do with time management as well as organization. From where I was sitting (with the Fairfax County people, in the back), it was pretty hard to hear. I was getting up to walk around just to get better acoustics. Heck, the Fairfax CITY people had better seating! And why couldn’t we just hear all the speeches and vote just once? Maybe we could have had our keynote speech while all the votes were being counted. Naaah, that would have been too logical.

Congratulations to former Gov. Jim Gilmore on his nomination for U.S. Senate, and to Del. Jeff Frederick on his winning the chairmanship of the RPV. The District conventions had shown that the Republican base was quite unhappy with a lot of the leadership and brought in a lot of change. I think the election of Jeff Frederick (as well as the strong showing for Del. Bob Marshall) reflects the dissatisfaction (or maybe crankiness) of the base. In many ways, I feel bad for former Lt. Gov. and Chairman John Hager, who took over the RPV at a bad time.

My only warning to Jeff Frederick is that revolutions have a way of eating their own children. Now that he has won, expectations will be very high for him to deliver results, and deliver them fast. I hope all Virginia Republicans come together for victory this fall, because any sense of “soreness” will only hurt our new leadership (and then we have to start all over again for an even more disadvantaged position).