Monday, October 01, 2007


Oleszek comes in distant third in two-person debate

Well, I did watch the debate between Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37) and his Democratic opponent, Janet Oleszek. It’s pretty clear that Ken gave straightforward answers, while Janet just ducked, bobbed, weaved, evaded, etc. Mostly, she wasted time by having to have questions asked repeatedly. I swear, she was so Clintonesque that I’m tempted to ask her about her interns!

First of all, big kudos to Chris for getting honorable mention on the debate. No one can argue with your facts, that’s for sure. Second of all, Janet Oleszek once again gives us all a “lesson” in what happens when you are poorly prepared for your assignment. Guess what, you just don’t do well. You would think that someone who is on the School Board would know that. Now we know why Janet so strenuously objected to filming the last debate!

It was interesting to us how she shifted her position on immigration ONCE AGAIN. This time, she supported giving sheriffs ICE authority. The first time I heard her, she only mentioned jailers, and seemed to characterize any increased immigration authority as a “slippery slope” for which she had religious objections. Then, last week, she talked about penalizing businesses that hire illegals. Can she give a clear, rather than piecemeal message?

What was amazing was in the last part of the debate how Janet simply ignored Ken’s questions and just shifted the debate from transportation to education. Now I’ve seen non-sequiturs before, but now we’ll have a new term: Oleszequiturs! LOL I guess you can say that Janet’s the kind of “quitur” who never wins? I know, painful!

Ken seemed to have to debate two people, Janet and one of the moderators (George Burke). This Burke was a clear partisan who was trying to lead Janet along as much as possible. Well, Janet’s sniping little Yorkie, er, Jonathan, was not along to hold her answer cards for her.

I showed clips of the debate to my wife (who is not very politically active). Her response? “Janet is not very smart.” “Ken is much better educated than she is.”

One more question: Is it just me, or did anyone else notice how Janet’s voice seemed to go up in pitch every time she was in full evasion mode?