Monday, September 03, 2007

Edwards Health Care Plan: Sue Every Doctor for Malpractice

Minimum Requirement of Twice per Decade

Hat tip: Ace

Former Senator John”Breck Girl” Edwards announced yesterday a requirement that every American would be required under his universal health care proposal to see a doctor for preventive care. However, most news wires did not pick up on the fact that Mr. Edwards, a former trial lawyer, also has a litigation requirement. Under the Edwards plan, every American would be required to sue a medical practitioner for malpractice once every five years, or at least twice in a ten-year period.

“Under this plan we will eliminate another aspect of ‘Two Americas,’” said Edwards, “those who enrich themselves by taking advantage of their medical education, and those who do not have the education and/or training to do so.”

Edwards used the litigation proposal to make a statement about judicial appointments: “In my Administration we will appoint judges who will have a better understanding of the fairness to society this plan brings. Why, I can just ‘channel’ victories to most Americans who become plaintiffs under my plan.” Edwards also said that he would not tax any awards, but contributions to the Trial Lawyers’ Association, the Democratic National Committee, and several hair stylists who would assist indigent plaintiffs as well as attorneys with houses smaller than 50,000 square feet.

Edwards concluded his remarks with a statement that “a sound mind needs to have a sound body of legal advice.”