Friday, July 31, 2009

Connolly Sticks (Pigs) Foot in Mouth

Hat tip: Campaign Spot at National Review Online

The freshman Congressman, as quoted by the Washington Post:
"I want to be there with all four paws and snout in the trough."

The imagery is certainly, er, amusing, to say the least. A reader pointed out to NRO that pigs, like other mammalian farm animals, have hooves, not paws. You have to wonder if the bacon Connolly is trying to bring home is somehow radioactive.

Then again, we all knew that there was something not quite kosher about the guy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Democrats Struggling to Hold Black Vote

So says John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. All this taking for granted coming home to roost? Or is it wishful thinking?

(Sorry about the commercial up front.)

Traditional electoral trends have shown that Democrats generally need around 90% of the black vote (give or take) to win statewide. When Republicans increase their margins among minorities and get 20+%, Democratic victories are extremely difficult. Republican Bob McDonnell has been much more aggressive in courting this vote while Democrat Creigh Deeds seems to have been asleep at the switch. Will it make a difference? Will the same scenario play out in New Jersey?